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13 августа 2012

Комментарии для радио "The Voice of Russia": People in Russia are richest real estate owners

People in Russia have again won the title of the richest real estate owners. Several surnames of Russian buyers of what is listed as the “world’s most expensive houses” appeared in Western media in early August. Some of them have preferred to remain in the shadow while some others have decided to show off.

London, Munich, New York, Miami, Paris, Nice, and Cannes have long been listed as the leaders among foreigners who buy real estate abroad.

Swiss and Austrian cities could have also made their way into this list, had it not been for the existing difficulties for non-EU nationals concerning the purchasing of real estate in the countries, President of the international real estate agency Gordon Rock Stanislav Zingel says:

"The tendency that was evident before the 2008 crisis remains today. This segment was actively restoring, and from the point of view of price correction, as compared with 2008, it has been absolutely restored."

Despite the crisis, there is still a great deal of interest in elite homes. Most of the buyers of such real estate are Middle East sheikhs and Russian people who buy real estate, first of all, in London. The home of Roman Abramovich in the British capital that is estimated at approximately 150 million U.S. dollars is regarded as the most expensive one in London among Russian owners of real estate in the city. Alisher Usmanov paid a little less - 100 million U.S. dollars for his estate in northern London. The mansion house in the historical centre of London belonging to the Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska costs 42.5 million dollars, “The Times” says.

There are a lot of Russians in Miami. Russian stars of show business love the east coast of the US and like to spend the winter months there.

Their choice is rather determined by the great popularity of the area than by its comfort, Stanislav Zingel says:

"The east coast of the US has become a popular hang out area for Russian celebrities. What determines their choice is the existing brand. When we speak about the east coast of the US, we mean, mainly, New York, and possibly, Boston and Chicago. And if we speak about Florida, this is Miami in the first place. There are also cities in California, that are becoming popular among Russian people and where they are eager to buy real estate."

The crisis in Europe has also revealed another tendency. Rich heirs sell their family homes, and buyers from Russia approve this idea. The family estate of the former French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing was put on sale one and a half month ago.

There is reason to believe that its buyer will be a Russian national, Director of MAK Consulting Natalia Makovik says:

"Russian people like to boast of buying elite property. And as it has become visible in recent times, people from Russia now want to be as responsible as Europeans and look more intelligent and aristocratic. France for them is an example of good style and high fashion. And although the French people are reserved, they have adopted a loving attitude towards Russians. Hence, Russian people feel comfortable in France."

Special services keep an eye on the owners of elite homes in a bid to find out whether they pay due attention to their property. And if the monument of architecture status is granted to the given building, the owner must open it for tourists.

The Voice of Russia

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